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  Underwater Hailer

MSRP: US$1830

  • 500 meter typical range
  • Powerful 60 watt mixer/amplifier
  • Convenient 12 volt operation
  • 200Hz-20kHz system response
  • 60% U/W speaker efficiency (at 1kHz)
  • 180dB/uPa/m SPL @ 1kHz
  • Hand microphone with locking PTT switch
  • Extra microphone input for connecting optional wireless headset mic
  • Auxiliary input for connecting music or sound source (CD, cassette, function generator, guitar, etc...)
  • Lubell LL916C Underwater Speaker with protective cage, 25' PVC cord & PVC bellow for temperate climate use *.
  • Used for oceanography, marine biology, cinematography, diver interrogation and recall, scuba instruction, underwater music and radio rebroadcast.
  • Used by Army, Navy, USMC, Coast Guard, police dive rescue, NASA, PADI scuba centers, and movie production crews.
  • 2 yr ltd warranty amplifier
  • 5 yr ltd warranty on underwater speaker
  • MSRP: $1830 (dlr/pro discount available)
  • * -CW075 option: upgrade to Impulse 75' rubber IE cable and EPDM bellow for use in cold weather.(+$268)

Tel: (614) 725-2701 9:00am-5:00pm EST
PDF's: Brochure, Manual
The Lubell Labs System 3400 is a high power underwater sound system designed to reproduce voice, music, and broadband audio in the pool, lake, or ocean.

The System 3400 can be connected to standard 12 volt marine electrical system, or connected directly to a 12 volt battery. The mixer/amplifier features two microphone inputs and volume controls, an auxiliary input, and includes a noise-cancelling microphone with locking PTT switch. Available accessories include ATW-901/H wireless headset microphone ($219) and cold water cable/bellow option ($268).

The patented Lubell LL916C underwater speaker is a state-of-the-art piezoelectric underwater acoustic transducer utilizing the Tonpilz design. The advantages to this remarkable design include a broadband response (200Hz-20kHz), high efficiency (60% @ 1kHz), and an output level of 180dB/uPa/m @ 1kHz.

The LL916C is extremely rugged by virtue of it's protective cage. The LL916C operates at all pool depths, and may be used in the lake or ocean * at depths up to 50'.

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