Lubell 9484

Lubell Labs 9484
Underwater Speaker Kit

For integration during new concrete pool construction per International and National Electric Code standards

COVERAGE: One 9484 for each 20 foot x 20 foot area of pool
INSTALLATION DEPTH: 6 foot; 4 foot min @ shallow end
200Hz-20kHz (Data Plots)
MAXIMUM SPL: 179dB/uPa/m

25V line, allow 37.5 watts per speaker
Conventional Class AB: 78 watts max @ 8Ω per speaker
Amplifier must be UL listed for Class 2 wiring, connect to GFCI

ADVANTAGES: Our patented design provides over 2X the bandwidth, loudness, and longevity of competing models, however does not reproduce low bass frequencies.

A9000 Hayward SP0604C4 stainless steel wet-niche 3/4" hub
A9022 stainless steel grille, 11 inch diameter x 1 inch height
AC205B isolation & matching "gray box", indoor use only
21007 speaker V support, PVC clad stainless steel
LL916 underwater speaker, 9 in piezoelectric pistonic type

Choice of 50, 100, 150, or 200 foot hardwired cable
M25 conduit hub adapter for areas using metric conduit


9484-25V-50': 27 lbs / 13"x13"x22"
9484-25V-100': 28 lbs / 13"x13"x23"
9484-25V-150': 29 lbs / 13"x13"x24"
9484-25V-200: 33 lbs / 13"x13"x24"


HARMONIZED TARIFF #: 851829, 851890

WARRANTY: 5 year limited

RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIER (UL listed, 120 or 240V):

InterM A120 25V mixer-amplifier for 1-3 Lubell 9484
Bosch PLE-1P120-US
25V power-amp, for 1-3 Lubell 9484
Bosch PLE-1P240-US 25V power-amp, for 4-6 Lubell 9484

Lubell Labs, Inc.
712 South Yearling Road
Columbus, Ohio 43213 USA
(614) 725-2701

Brochure, Install guide, Bonding Diagram, Sealing Diagram, Safety letter, CE mark

The Lubell Labs underwater speaker has become the most popular underwater loudspeaker in the world since 1968, as it is louder and clearer than any other competing product! Its unique design, U.S. Patent #3,391,385, utilizes its dual-piston PVC overmolded aluminum enclosure as the sound transducer, offering true-pistonic operation with no exposed metal parts. Coupled with a powerful 8-cylinder piezoelectric engine with efficiencies approaching 60% in a corrosion-free other brand compares!

Because of the increased interest in water aerobics, lap swimming, and synchronized swimming, built-in Lubell underwater speakers have become a standard feature in collegiate pools around the world. Coaches truly appreciate the ability to clearly and effectively communicate instructions to their swimmers via a wireless microphone from the deck. When not coaching, upbeat music with select tempos (or metronome beats) can be played for swimmers to keep pace.

Lubell 9484 underwater loudspeakers have also become a standard feature in luxury hotel and resort pools worldwide. Swimming laps to the sound of underwater music, books on tape, or favorite TV shows is an enjoyable way to exercise! And in the event of an emergency or inclement weather, swimmers never miss that announcement to vacate the facility.

The included SP0604C4 Hayward stainless steel wet-niche is designed for installation at 6' (1.83m) depth below the water line by licensed pool contractor and licensed electrician during new concrete/gunite pool construction phase. Niche must be bonded to Equipotential Bonding Grid per NEC 680.26(B) and (C) (see drawing & article) along with all metal parts of pool structure.

For home, municipal, and collegiate pools, one unit is recommended for installation in each 20' x 20' (6.1m x 6.1m) section of the pool. Here are some suggested installation locations: 60' home pool; 75' and 90' lap pools; 50 meter Olympic Pool.