Lubell Labs LL916H & LL916C Pistonic Piezoelectric Underwater Speakers

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The Lubell LL916H and LL916C are economical yet powerful full-range pistonic piezoelectric underwater loudspeakers developed, patented, and manufactured by Lubell Labs starting in 1968. When used with the 75 watt PVi4B amplifier ($199) or the 100 watt per channel CAWSS StageMan amplifier ($1150), the high-efficiency Lubell underwater speaker fills a 25 yard Olympic swimming pool with powerful crystal-clear sound suitable for lap swimming or synchronized swimming. The LL916C and LL916H can also be used in rivers, lakes, or open ocean to repel or attract aquatic life, with typical transmission ranges up to 500 meters. No other brand compares! The LL916C (cage mount) and LL916H (harness mount) underwater speakers are hardwired with a 25 foot (7.62 meter) cable standard (LL916C-025 and LL916H-025), but can be special ordered with choice of 50 foot (15.24m) or 100 foot (30.48m) cables. Because the LL916C/H presents a reactive load, it is paired with a custom transformer box which incorporates a tuned RLC circuit with isolated winding transformer in order to provide both broadband reproduction and added safety. And unlike some competitors who cut corners and run over a thousand volts thru their underwater speaker cables, Lubell Labs follows safe engineering practices by running a maximum of 20 volts on the underwater speaker cable.

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