LL916 Basic System
Lubell Labs LL916 Basic System
(for sale in USA, Canada, and Mexico only)

The Lubell LL916 Basic System is the foundation for a complete air and water sound system, providing more than adequate sound for synchronized swimming in 50 meter Olympic pools, and lap swimming in 25 yard Olympic pools. Includes a powerful PVi4B 100 watt PA amplifier (5 year warranty), LL916C-025 underwater speaker (5 year warranty), and an AC203E audio transformer box (2 year warranty). To complete your system, please select options below as needed including the ZX1 air speaker, Rapco 25' or 50' air speaker cord, CD-200iL CD/iPod player, 
ST95MKII hand mic with cord, Audio Technica ATW-901/H or ATW-902 wireless mic, and CMR-203 iPod/phone/computer connection cord.

* Please call for discounted price available to schools, swim teams, professionals, and dealers.

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