Lubell LL964H and LL964C Underwater Speakers

The LL964H (harness mount) and LL964C (cage mount) are high-performance piezoelectric underwater speakers developed, patented, and manufactured by Lubell Labs of Columbus Ohio. The LL964C/H continue to set the world record for having the widest frequency response and output level of any commercial underwater speaker made, at a price that is both reasonable and affordable. Because of it's rugged die-cast aluminum housing with 150 mil PVC overmold, the LL964C/H may be used in rivers, lakes, and ocean without worry of corrosion. Because of the higher impedance of the LL964C/H, long cable lengths with minimal insertion loss are possible using standard SO cable. For instance, four LL964C/H underwater speakers each having a 1.5km long 14/2 AWG cable may be connected in parallel (14 ohms) to an amplifier rated at 200 watts @ 8 ohms (40 Vrms) resulting in a sound pressure level of 177dB/uPa/m at each transducer.

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