EV UW30 Underwater Speaker for Marine Biology

UW30 underwater transducer

The University Sound UW30 underwater speaker is an economical moving-coil underwater speaker manufactured by Electrovoice, a division of Bosch Communication Systems.  This unit produces a uniform frequency response between 100Hz - 2000Hz, with sound levels suitable for covering a 10' x 10' area for personal synchronized swimming, marine biology experiments, and flotation tanks. LUBELL LABS DOES NOT RECOMMEND THE UW30 FOR LAP SWIMMING POOLS (HOME OR COMMERCIAL) -- THE SOUND LEVEL IS MUCH TOO WEAK AND THE SPEAKER WILL QUICKLY BURN OUT (NON-WARRANTY) IF THE AMPLIFIER IS CRANKED UP IN AN ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN LAP SWIMMING SOUND LEVELS. (For lap swimming applications, use only the portable Lubell LL916 piezoelectric underwater speaker or the in-wall Lubell 9484 piezoelectric underwater speaker, which produces 30dB higher sound levels equaling over fifty UW30 speakers!) The UW30 underwater loudspeaker may be used in tropical to arctic climates in freshwater or saltwater by virtue of its ABS shell and SJEOOW thermoplastic cable (rated -50C - 105C). The UW30 is rated at 30 watts at 8 ohms, and is fitted with a 50' cable.

For permanent in-wall installation during new concrete marine biology tank construction, the UW30 must be mounted in a metal forming shell the front of which is enclosed by a captive metal screen (see UW30N/G below in accessories) which is bonded to and secured to the forming shell which ensures a low-resistance contact. This is a legal requirement found in the 2005 NFPA 70 Handbook National Electrical Code NEC 680.27, as well as the 2003 International Residential Code IRC E4106.9.1Plastic niches and grilles may NOT be used for any underwater speaker under any condition. In addition, the underwater speaker must be powered by an amplifier having a grounded power cord, UL Commercial Sound label, Class 2 wiring label, and transformer isolated speaker output not exceeding UW30 speaker's 30 watt 8 ohm rating (15.49 volts rms).
Service: The UW30 has a 3 year limited warranty against manufacturers defects, such as water entry. Warranty does not cover repair or replacement of a burned out speaker, which is a likely scenario if the fuse and resistor circuit on the engineering data sheet is not followed and an amplifier greater than 30 watts is used. To have a unit evaluated for repair, please contact Electrovoice support at (866) 782-8346 #5, or via email at audiosupport@us.bosch.com. They will issue a RMA number (place on shipping label) and instructions for returning the UW30 speaker for warranty evaluation. Be sure to package unit securely, and include a copy of your sales invoice from Lubell Labs, along with your contact information and a description of the problem you are having.

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