Lubell Labs Presents

Lubell 3300

Lubell System 3300


USA Retail Price: $2013

Cable, transducer, and wireless options available

  • Used by dive boat operators and law enforcement agencies worldwide.
  • 500 meter siren recall range typical in open ocean (1 mile radius under ideal conditions)
  • Powerful 180+dB/uPa/m output level
  • Omnidirectional transmit pattern
  • 750Hz to 1800Hz siren/tone range
  • Hardwired PTT noise-canceling microphone *
  • 100 watt efficient switch-mode amplifier
  • Convenient 12V operation
  • Includes Lubell LL916C high-efficiency underwater loudspeaker with protective cage
  • Standard attached 25' PVC cable with phone plug for temperate climate applications
  • Options: A) Factory installed 15.24 meter PVC cable (add $37.50) or 30.48 meter PVC cable (add $112.50). B) Install Impulse-Teledyne IERD2F-BC-3 bulkhead connector on speaker with mating 22.86 meter neoprene cable for cold climate use (add $318).
  • Download operating manual
  • Made in the USA
  • Dims: U/W speaker 10.75"H x 10.75"W x 7.75"D; Siren 2.63"H x 6.25"W x 8.25"D
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The Lubell System 3300 is the world's most efficient Diver Recall System and Underwater Public Address System. The System 3300 has many uses including underwater movie production, recalling scuba divers to dive boat or sunken habitat, and homeland security for interrogating suspicious divers.

The System 3300 features four industry standard oscillating siren modes, as well as two non-oscillating tones, for signaling and recalling SCUBA divers. A noise canceling microphone is hardwired for high quality voice reproduction. The microphone push-to-talk switch overrides any siren signal for instant PA use. The radio input jack (3.5mm stereo) allows connection of two-way marine radio for underwater rebroadcast of voice transmissions.

The System 3300 is intended for permanent installation on military, commercial, and pleasure craft for recalling and directing scuba divers. Because of its convenient 12 volt D.C. operation and rear panel connectors, the System 3300 is also ideal for portable applications including underwater movie direction and scuba instruction, and may be installed in a Pelican case.