Lubell Labs 9484 Underwater Loudspeaker

for concrete 25 yard high school & 50 meter collegiate pools 9484 underwater speaker
The Lubell Labs Underwater Loudspeaker has remained the most popular underwater speaker in the world since 1968, as it's patented design is significantly louder and clearer than competing designs and products. (Click HERE for US Navy TVR plot.) This unique design (U.S. Patent #3,391,385) utilizes a dual-piston PVC overmolded aluminum enclosure as the sound transducer, offering true pistonic operation and low Q in a compact corrosion-free package. Coupled with a powerful 8-cylinder piezoelectric engine (with efficiencies approaching 60%), no other brand compares!

Lubell 9484 underwater speaker has become a standard feature and effective training aid in 25 yard high school and 50 meter olympic-size swimming pools worldwide. Swimming coaches utilize the Lubell underwater loudspeaker to 
play upbeat music and metronome beats to their swimmers, improving their endurance while eliminating the tedium of seemingly endless laps. Swim coaches also appreciate the ability to effectively and clearly communicate stroke and kick guidance to their swimmers via wireless microphone. (For existing pools, swim coaches can utilize Lubell Labs' portable swimming pool sound systems including the CAWSS for synchronized swimming, and the CAWSS-APEX for competitive swimming.) Lubell 9484 underwater loudspeakers have also become a standard feature in luxury hotel and resort pools worldwide for paging guests, swimming activities, and emergency egress announcements in the event of inclement weather.

Regarding installation, the included Pentair 78210400 (Lubell SKU A9000) stainless steel wet-niche must be installed (see guide) and encased (see diagram) in void-free concrete at 4 to 6 foot (optimum) depth below the waterline by a licensed pool contractor during new concrete/gunite pool construction. (Vinyl, fiberglass, and steel walled pools have extremely poor acoustics, and the installation of any underwater speaker is strongly discouraged.) Concrete must be cut back around the niche (diagram) to allow for a compacted plaster seal (hydraulic cement), and bonding is made to the Equipotential Bonding Grid per NEC 680.26 (B) and (C) (see drawing & article/pdf) along with all metal parts of pool structure. For home pools, one unit is recommended for installation in each 20-foot x 20-foot (6.1m x 6.1m) section of the pool (which can be supplimented with an AQP545 subwoofer). For deep collegiate pools, one 9484 is recommended for each 37.5 foot x 37.5 foot (11.43 m x 11.43 m) section of the pool (subwoofer not recommended). See "installation location diagrams" link below for recommended placement locations. Proper placement, depth, and full void-free encasement of niche in concrete is critical for proper sound -- please refer to diagrams below, and call us with any questions regarding this critical element of the design stage.


60' home pool, 75' & 90' pools, 50 meter olympic-size pool
INSTALLATION DEPTH: 6 foot (1.83 m) recommended; 4 foot (1.22 m) minimum for shallow-end
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 100 Hz - 23 kHz (450 Hz - 20 kHz +/-10 dB per US Navy tests). Click HERE for US Navy TVR plot of Lubell 9484 in actual concrete wall!
MAXIMUM SPL: 179 dB/uPa/m

RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIERS (in stock): InterM A-120 25V mono mixer-amplifier for up to three Lubell 9484; Russound A2100 linkable world-voltage amplifier powers two 9484's (impedance switch in "8 ohm" position), and second A2100 amplifier powers two AQP545 subwoofers (impedance switch in "4 ohm" position); Bosch PLE-1P240-US 25V mono power amp for up to six Lubell 9484.

Constant-Voltage amp:
Connect included AC205B transformer box to 25V / COMMON speaker terminals of A-120 or PLE-1P240 amplifier, allowing 37.5 watt load for each Lubell AC205B / LL916 connected in parallel
Conventional Class AB amp: 78 watts @ 8 ohms (25 Vrms) for each 9484-25V-XXX. (We can substitute the AC202B transformer box, which is rated at 50 watts @ 8 ohms (20 Vrms).
Amplifier must be UL or ETL listed, labeled for Class 2 wiring, and connected to GFCI protected electrical outlet in dry air conditioned equipment room.

A9000 Pentair 78210400 stainless steel wet-niche (11.5 inch flange, 10 inch body diameter x 7.5 inch depth, 3/4 inch NPT conduit hub). Note: Order AT-3425-BR 3/4 inch to M25 hub adapter for international orders
A9022 stainless steel perforated grille, 11.125 inch diameter x 5/8 inch height
21007 speaker support, PVC clad stainless steel
AC205B isolation & matching transformer box, 6.1 inch x 3.75 inch x 2.375 inch. Install in dry indoor area only - one per speaker - multiple AC205B's in parallel & in phase - 37.5 watts consumption each on 25V line
LL916-XXX Lubell underwater speaker, 9.2 inch diameter x 5.8 inch axial length. Choice of attached cable length: 050 ft (15.24m), 100 ft (30.48m), 150 ft (45.72m), or 200 ft (60.96m). Use shortest choice possible to reach above water level junction box, then splice and home run.

9484-25V-050 (050 foot / 15.24 m attached cable): 1 @ 26 pounds / 13 in x 13 in x 22 in (11.79 kg / 33.02 cm x 33.02 cm x 55.88 cm), Made in USA, HTS Code 8518210000, EAR99 NLR
9484-25V-100 (100 foot / 30.48 m attached cable): 1 @ 28 pounds / 13 in x 13 in x 22 in (12.70 kg / 33.02 cm x 33.02 cm x 55.88 cm), Made in USA, HTS Code 8518210000, EAR99 NLR
9484-25V-150 (150 foot / 45.72 m attached cable): 1 @ 30 pounds / 13 in x 13 in x 22 in (13.61 kg / 33.02 cm x 33.02 cm x 55.88 cm), Made in USA, HTS Code 8518210000, EAR99 NLR
9484-25V-200 (200 foot / 60.96 m attached cable): 1 @ 32 pounds / 13 in x 13 in x 22 in (13.51 kg / 33.02 cm x 33.02 cm x 55.88 cm), Made in USA, HTS Code 8518210000, EAR99 NLR

AQP545 Clark Subwoofer Kit for high-end home pool use only.. use one with each Lubell 9484. Choice of 50 ft, 100 ft, 150 ft, or 200 ft tails.
A2100 Amplifier - Each linkable world-voltage amplifier powers pair of 9484's (impedance switch "8 ohm" position), and second A2100 amplifier powers pair of AQP545 subwoofers (impedance switch "4 ohm" position)
AT-3425-BR Metric Hub Adapter: Adapts A9000 wet niche's 3/4 inch NPT conduit hub to fit overseas M25 conduit threads

DOCUMENTATION: Warranty, Niche rough-in guide / pictorial, Installation guide, depth and sealing diagram, bonding diagram, printable brochure, safety letter, RoHS/REACH Compliance Declaration, CE mark, FAQ

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