Chiayo StageMan and APEX PRO FAQ's

The wireless microphone systems supplied in the Chiayo sound systems normally fall into one frequency group such as 6SDR520. The bandwidth of this group is 25 MHz (i.e. from 520 MHz to 545 MHz, channel 1 starting with 520.00 MHz and the 100th channel ending around 525.00 MHz). Within this 25 MHz bandwidth, there are 100 user selectable frequencies to be chosen from.
  1. The user has a choice to select 35 out of 100 different frequencies (that is each system has its own frequency) if required.
  2. If the 35 frequencies are selected several channels apart (Ch 01; 03; 05; 07; 09; 21; 23; 25; 27; 29; 31; 33; 35; 37; 39;……………….99 ), two or more systems could be operated simultaneously in a same spot without interference! For example, if 5 systems need to be operated in the same area, one could choose Ch 1, Ch 25, Ch 50, Ch 75, and Ch 100.. or any other setting.
  3. Beside the wireless mic, the user can plug in one or two cabled mics to be used simultaneously.
  4. If the customer want to piggy back two or more systems at the same spot (systems placed at a distance apart) to have a louder sound, the receivers of the two or more systems must be set in the same frequency as the transmitter, and only one transmitter (either handheld or beltpack) can be switched on. In actual fact, the two or more receivers are getting the same radio signal from the same transmitter.
SPEAKER CUTS OUT: The system holds up well when connected to a single Lubell LL916C or LL916H underwater speaker via the Lubell AC202C gray box. Connecting multiple speakers, or Lubell speaker with no transformer box WILL burn out the amplifier. Please do not boost the bass and treble controls; Leave at 12:00 position. If the underwater sound stops but the above water speaker continues operating, this indicates that the thermal fuse for the underwater speaker circuit has triggered due to overload. Turning system off for 1 minute will reset the fuse. Turn system back on and reduce the bass control to 11:00 position, as excessive bass can trigger protective fuse. In addition, the internal batteries must be replaced every two years on average. Your local Batteries Plus & Bulbs carries and installs the Duracell WKDC12-5F batteries (2) required for this device, and will be glad to test and replace your batteries if required. Please make sure the battery terminals are bent properly per this diagram before installing into the Stageman.

Replacement fuse for Stageman: T4AL250V 5x20mm (3/16"x3/4") Available from Amazon, others.

When exported to EU, UK, or Asia, Lubell Labs includes a 2 meter European CEE 7/7 Shuko plug to IEC C13 mains lead (see picture). If this does not work for your locale, please use a standard desktop computer type power cord.

Please replace batteries with matching pair of following deep-cycle batteries only: Long WP5-12, MK ES5-12, Duracell (Batteries Plus) WKDC12-5F, Interstate SLA1055. Battery terminals must be bent correctly per this picture.

Instructional YouTube Videos: Setting up your CAWSS System, Installing wireless mic batteries and changing channels, replacing SDR-5100M UHF wireless mic module, changing system batteries, blue tooth pairing...