Lubell LL916C-IE Underwater Acoustic Transducer

The Lubell Labs LL916C-IE is an efficient full-range pistonic piezoelectric underwater acoustic transducer developed and manufactured by Lubell Labs of Columbus, Ohio USA. This model is intended for military and government sales only due to higher voltage handling & output levels, and is fitted with a Teledyne Marine IERD2F-BC-3 underwater pluggable bulkhead connector, and a high performance protective cage. Mating cable assemblies (IE2M-7/16-XX) are available thru Teledyne marine, and other Marsh Marine vendors.

The LL916C-IE has a maximum voltage handling of 25 Vrms or 3.5A (whichever comes first) and produces sound levels up to 182dB/uPa/m @ 1 kHz. The LL916C-IE may be permanently mounted at depths from 6 feet to 60 feet in fresh or salt water using the cage's 4-bolt flange. The cage also provides added protection to the sensitive internal electronics against breakage from rough seas.
The LL916C-IE underwater acoustic transducer is typically used with the Lubell model AC205B transformer box. One nice arrangement for harbor defense or invasive species repelling is to connect four LL916C-IE speakers (via four custom length IE2M-7/16-XX cable assemblies & four AC205B transformer boxes) to a single Samson Servo 300 amplifier. (Two per channel with amplifier set in STEREO mode.) Up to four amplifier's with 16 connected LL916C-IE speakers can be connected to standard 120V 20A GFCI protected electrical service, resulting in a highly efficient "wall of sound" covering the length of a football field.

*Government or supplier discount: 10%
Quantity Discounts: 5% (5-9); 8% (10+)
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