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The Lubell LL916 Basic System is the foundation for a complete air and water sound system, providing more than adequate sound for synchronized swimming in 50 meter Olympic pools, and lap swimming in 25 yard Olympic pools. Includes a powerful Phonic 415R 100 watt powered mixer with USB flash drive player & mic / line mixer, Lubell LL916C-025 underwater speaker with attached 25 foot cord, and a Lubell Labs AC203E audio splitter transformer box. To complete your system, please select accessories below including the ZX1-90 air speaker, Rapco 25' or 50' air speaker cord,
Audio Technica ATW-901/H or ATW-902 wireless mic, and CMR-203 iPod/phone/computer connection cord. Bluetooth upgrade also available for pairing bluetooth capable phone with amplifier (see pricing below).

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