Lubell Labs LL964C/H Underwater Speaker (government sales only for harbor defense or acoustic barrier)

The LL964H (harness mount) and LL964C (cage mount) are high-performance piezoelectric underwater speakers developed, patented, and manufactured by Lubell Labs of Columbus Ohio. Because of the higher impedance of models LL964C and LL964H, long cable lengths with minimal insertion loss are possible using standard SO cable. For instance, four LL964C/H underwater speakers each having a 1.5km long 14/2 AWG cable may be connected in parallel (via an Ohmite D225K50RE adjustable power resistor) to each channel of a Crown XLi800 power amplifier, providing a resultant sound pressure level of 180dB/uPa/m at each of the eight underwater speakers! Because of it's rugged die-cast aluminum housing with 150 mil PVC overmold, the LL964C/H may be used in rivers, lakes, and ocean without worry of corrosion. The LL964C and LL964H are for sale to OEM manufacturers, the military, and ocean engineering professionals only.

Lubell Labs also offers the portable model LL916C/H underwater speaker for competitive and synchronized swimming, and the permanent mount 9484 underwater speaker for new pool construction.

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