UW30G grille for UW30 underwater speaker
Lubell UW30G Grille fits Paragon 68102 bronze wet niche

The UW30G by Lubell Labs is a higher quality substitute for the Paragon 68103SS grille, and fits the Paragon 68102 bronze wet niche. Super-thick e-polished 13 gauge 316 stainless steel means extreme durability, while extra large beveled holes provides greater open area for maximum possible sound from the Electrovoice UW30 underwater speaker (Bosch UW30 underwater speaker). Includes six 10/24 x 1/2 inch slotted flat head machine screws. 10.5 IN diameter x 0.100 IN thick, 3 pound shipping weight. Made in the USA with guaranteed highest quality and lowest price! Order from:

Lubell UW30G Stainless Steel Grille: $229.99 (buy HERE on eBay)
Electrovoice/Bosch UW30 underwater speaker: $528 (buy HERE on eBay -- we will beat any advertised price!)

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