Lubell UW30PA Underwater PA System

UW30 PA System
The Lubell Labs UW30PA is a low-power underwater PA system designed to reproduce voice, music, and broadband audio in the pool, lake, or ocean. Typical uses include communicating with divers on movie sets, and marine biology experiments.

The UW30PA amplifier has bare tinned power leads that can be connected to standard 12 volt marine electrical systems or connected directly to a 12 volt marine battery. The mixer/amplifier is rated at 30 watts rms @ 8 ohms, includes a noise-cancelling microphone with locking PTT switch, and features two microphone inputs with volume controls and an auxiliary input. The amplifier is not weather resistant, and must be kept in dry cabin. Lubell Labs fits amplifier with a Switchcraft metal jacketed inline phone jack for quick speaker connection.

The patented UW30 underwater speaker is a moving-coil type underwater transducer featuring a 12.7 ounce ceramic magnet and 50 foot cord. The UW30 may be used at depths between 4-10 feet, and has an effective sound transmission radius of 25' typical with its 153dB/uPa/m maximum sound pressure level. Lubell Labs fits speaker and amplifier with mating Switchcraft metal jacketed 6.35 mm phone plug connectors for quick field connection.

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